Juho Kusti played G.I.O.N. “Haze (Original Mix)” on the radio show “Deep Space Helsinki” 22nd Sep. 2011!! Much thanks, Juho!!!

Deep Space Helsinki is a DJ collective and a radio show on Basso Radio frequency 102,8 MHz (Helsinki area) hosted by Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti.

Atsushi Fujisawa’s live mix at DJ Bar Roots “NAGANOIS Night” 18th June 2011 is here. Check it out!!

Ben Klock (Ostgut Ton/Klockworks) played at Roots United, Efir Club, St. Petersburg, Russia 6th Mar. 2011 (incl. G.I.O.N. “Haze (Original Mix)”) is here. Danke Ben!!

A weekly radio show hosted by Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti on Basso Radio 102.8 FM (Helsinki, Finland) every Thursday 19-21 EET. http://www.basso.fi/bassostreami.m3u worldwide.

17th Jan 2011 episode with J.Kusti (incl. G.I.O.N. “Jack Frost (Takayuki Shiraishi Remix)”) is now online!! http://bit.ly/gfhCP7

Frank Muller aka Beroshima played G.I.O.N. “Haze (DJ 3000 Motech Mix)” in this DJ set recording from Tresor end of the year on Muller Night! Danke!!

Frank Muller aka Beroshima (Muller Records / Soma Records / Cocoon Recordings) played at Dommune Tokyo 11th May 2010. His live / dj set (incl. G.I.O.N.  “Move” (Beroshima Remix)”) is here. He performed “Move” twice on that night!!

Claude Young Jr. (Cynet:Media) played at Dommune Tokyo 16th May 2010. His dj set (incl. G.I.O.N. “Move”) is here. http://bit.ly/bt48bY Much thanks for your support, Claude!!